Top 3 fairy tale castles in Europe

These European castles with their towers, turrets and spired roofs compete to be named the most authentic fairy tale castle. Read this short guide and made up your mind!
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What comes to your mind when you hear "a fairy tale castle"? Is it the Walt Disney castle? For most of it would work as one! Below you will find top 3 European castles which look as if from a fairy tale.

1. Chateau d'Usse

Where: Indre-et-Loire department, France
The iconic chateau with its turrets and towers once inspired Charles Perrault to write his world-famous Sleeping Beauty. The castle, which is the seat of De Blacas family was visited by Chateaubriand and Voltaire. The chateau's foundation seems to be from the time of Gueldin the Saumur who was a Viking warrior and the seigneur of Ussé (around 1000 A.D)!
Chateau d'Usse
The "modern castle" was really built after the Hundred Years' war, around 1460. Rumor has it one of the previous owners hid a stash of gold coins and silver chairs somewhere in the castle's dungeons. By the way, you can read an interview with the castle owner HERE!
Photo credits
: Chateau d'Usse

2. Neuschwanstein Castle

Where: Bavaria, Germany
The castle which is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the south if Germany was built by Bavarian king Ludwig II. The king was rather an extraordinary personality – he dreamt of medieval times so he ordered the construction of his fairy tale castle. It was inspired by the legends about medieval knights, battles and valor.
Schloss Neuschwanstein
The Bavarian king approved of all the sketches himself. The new castle was built over the ruins of medieval fortresses in the 19th century. But Ludwig spent only 172 days in his castle which was not finished at that time. In order to collect the money to finish the construction after the king's death his regent opened the castle for public.

3. Alcazar de Segovia

Where: Segovia, Spain
It is Spain's most famous castle. The site atop the hill has always been a fortified place. At first it was the Romans who had a military camp there. It was replaced by a Muslim-era wooden fort which finally gave way to a Christian fortress when the lands were reconquered. But it was king John II who rebuilt the old and shabby fortress into a splendid castle that we all admire today especially the tower of John II. The next ruler Philip II added the sharp spires.
Alcazar de Segovia
The castle was a place of real ceremonial importance back in Early Modern times: Isabella, the monarch who marked the Spanish golden age, was crowned there in mid 15th c. But when the royal court moved to Madrid the castle was turned into a prison. Later on it housed an artillery school. In 1862 the Alcazar caught fire that destroyed the roofing, turrets and upper floors of almost every building. This is when the world learnt about the gem and restored the castle in line with exaggerated Romantic fashion that was trendy back then.
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