Castle Consulting Services
Looking for a specific castle for your event? Castlesandfamilies has access to a growing database of castles from across Europe. We have established friendly relations with the castle owners and possess unique expertise on options available on the market.

We'll be happy to help you find a castle that "looks just like this one in the picture."
How we can help
Looking for a castle to organise a wedding ceremony? We'll offer you a list of castles tailored to your needs.
Filming and shooting
You feel lost while looking through castles to find the best location for a photo shoot or for filming a commercial? We'll be ready to help you save time and optimise your production process.
Travel agencies & Individual travellers
Your clients want to stay in a medieval castle - but which one do they want? There are lots of them in each European country and choosing one may seem quite difficult - we'll help you find the best option!
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