Chateau de Miolans, the prison for Marquis de Sade wants you to become its owner

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The fortress which is also known as Bastille of the Alps was once the prison for Marquis De Sade, a French nobleman mostly known for his erotic works. Also check the list of other grand properties on sale in France listed at Sotheby's.

5. Chateau-fort of Algajola

Where: Algajola, L'Ile-Rousse, North of Corsica
Chateau-fort de Algajola. Photo credits: Sotheby's
Built on the waterfront this castle, classified as a supplementary inventory of historic monuments. In the 16th century, the island was under Genoese rule. The administrative capital of the province of Balagne was Algajola. The construction of the fortification started at the beginning of the 16th century. The chateau fort was intended to serve as a residence for the representative of the Genoa. In 1643 it was ransacked by pirates however it was rebuilt in 1664. The price tag is 4,800,000 euros. Details here.

4. Castle at Aix-Les-Bains

Where: Aix-Les-Bain, France
Castle at Aix-Les-Bain, France. Photo credits: Sotheby's
Built in 1846 this castle comes with a park of 11,000 m2 overlooking Aix-Les-Bains. The beautiful building is ideally located close to Aix-les-Bains town center, schools, the Lac du Bourget and the motorway. The house offers beautiful volumes, high ceilings and is built on 4 levels, which include two dining rooms, a kitchen, a living room, numerous bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a large library. The price is 3,142,000 euros. Details here.

3. Chateau de Flecheres

Where: Fareins, France
Chateau de Flecheres. Photo credits: Sotheby's
Built from 1606 to 1625 and preserved intact, the castle offers an exceptional picture of the life of the grandees of Lyon in the 17th century. classified as an historical monument, will allow amateurs of the "Grand Siècle" (seventeenth century) to live in a unique scenery composed by the magnificent and famous Pietro Ricchi's painted frescoes. Constituted of a main building and its two wings, the château houses a monumental staircase, reception rooms, with majestic fireplaces, coiled between courtyard and garden, several apartments including one decorated in a Louis XV style and one area of 250 square meters to renovate on the second floor. Price on request. Details here.

2. Chateau de Cornod

Where: Cornod, Jura, Franche-Comté, France
Chateau de Cornod. Photo credits: Sotheby's
This 13th century castle is located 1 hour from Geneva and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Lyon. It was completely restored from 1875 to 1882, then, more recently, from 2002 to 2007. The castle is considered one of the most beautiful restorations in Europe in recent year. The estate includes the castle with 24 rooms, numerous fireplaces, decoration and furniture from the Renaissance period or in the Renaissance style. The price is 15,000,000 euros. Details here.

1. Chateau de Miolans

Where: Saint-Pierre-d'Albigny, France
Chateau de Miolans. Photo credits: Sotheby's
This former fortress prison is located in a remote area of Savoy in France. One of the notable prisoners if this Bastille of the Alps was Marquis de Sade. Classified as a Historic Monument in 1944, the fortress overlooks the whole valley and offers a breathtaking view - from Mont Blanc to the Vercors massif. The property with its towers, stables and chapel with its rich historical past offers an incomparable living environment. The building is totally authentic and completely preserved. The price is 2,500,000 euros. Details here.

Source: Sothebysrealty-France
Photo credits: Sothebysrealty-France