A view of Kinloch Castle. Photo credits: Graeme Churchard

Scotland's Kinloch Castle can be yours for just $1

The crumbling Victorian residence in the west coast of Scotland desperately needs a new owner and a proper large-scale restoration to rise from the dead.
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The castle which is said to be among Prince Charles' favorite ones was built by British aristocrat and the breeder of thoroughbred racehorses Sir George Bullough in 1897 and it cost him the equivalent of some $30mn in today's money.
This red-stone mansion with towers still makes an impression. But back in the days Kinloch Castle was at the forefront of technology. Fitted with the first hydroelectric generators it was the first house in Scotland to have electricity. And an original Alexander Graham Bell era telephone still hangs on the wall.
But that's not all - tropical plants, live hummingbirds, turtles and alligators enjoyed the spaces of specially-designed hot houses.

Scottish Natural Heritage who owns the castle has invested a lot into preserving the 1,200-square-metre property. Still the Kinloch Castle's state is far from being perfect – it is suffering from leaks, damp, woodworm and dry rot.
A view of Kinloch Castle. Photo credits: Graeme Churchard
Although the price tag of just $1 may seem appealing the investment the future owner will have to make to revive the once glorious castle is likely to be staggering.

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