Choose your camp during the upcoming medieval joisting at Chateau du Rivau in France

The tournament between the lords of Chateau du Rivau and Chateau de Langeais will take place this weekend.
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Visit Chateau du Rivau near Lemere, Indre-et-Loire, on August 14 or 15 to travel back in time! The lord of Rivau will face the lord of Chateau de Langeais in a spectacular reenacted medieval tournament. You can watch the fully armored knights with lances speed their horses towards each other as if you traveled back to the 15th century.
Jousting was extremely popular in the Middle Ages as a martial game and a replication of a clash of heavy cavalry. Each participant's goal was to strike the opponent while riding towards him at a high speed and breaking the lance on the opponent's shield. Unhorsing the opponent was even better.
B The majestic Chateau du Rivau is a great venue for such kind of activities. This old castle which is now a mix of Renaissance and French medieval styles, has unique stables that supplied royal stallions back in the 16th century. This is the time when the stables were remodeled from simple medieval stables to become a real gem of the castle as the building got decorative elements. It was for the first time in the equestrian architecture! You can read this interview with the owner of the castle Caroline Laigneau to learn more about the chateau treasures.
So, hurry up to visit Chateau du Rivau and see it with your own eyes! Do buy your ticket online to avoid a long queue. There are several options available so please see the details here. The ticket will give you access to the castle, its 12 fantastic gardens, the stables and of course the tournament!