Armies of Anglo-Saxon and Viking warriors to descend on Tamworth Castle Grounds

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For two days – September 18 and 19 - Tamworth Castle Grounds will become the battleground for armies of Anglo-Saxon and Viking warriors. They will show off their fighting skills and boast their beautiful weapons.
Tamworth Castle. Picture credits: Tanya Dedyukhina
The event is hosted by the Tamworth Arts and Events team. The goal is to show visitors what life was like in the Anglo-Saxon times. Bring your family along to the event to learn about the life of an ancient fighter, which was all about skirmishes and battles between. Saxon and Viking re-enactors will engage in a battle – but who will win?
Cllr Robert Pritchard, Deputy Leader of Tamworth Borough Council has said that the community have been waiting for the re-enactment festival for months and that he is excited about this great opportunity to showcase the rich history of Tamworth.
During the Saxon times, Tamworth was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Mercia. Join the event to travel back in time to experience the battles, armor, legends and craft of the past first hand!
Tamworth Castle. Picture credits: Chris' Buet
The event will run from 10am on Saturday while the Sunday event will start from 9.30am.

The Castle Grounds is located at Riverdrive, Tamworth B79 7ND.
This Saxon weekend is a great opportunity to learn about lots of things like embroidery, coin making, Saxon burial rites and many spectacular battle re-enactments.

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