A gardener who inherited a 14th century Embleton Tower in 2018 puts it on sale

The price is 1.4mn pounds
Source and Photo Credits: Galbraithgroup
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The owner of the Northumberland castle architect Kay Seymour-Walker passed away three years ago. He left the castle to his gardener who was a close friend of his and who he often called "the son he never had".

The man who has chosen to be anonymous says the property is much more than he needs now.
What is Embleton Tower? It is a Grade I listed castle, which was built in 1395 in the village of Embleton. It has 8 bedrooms, 7 reception rooms, 2 utility rooms, 3 bathroom facilities (1 en suite), a kitchen, a library which is located in the 19th c. tower and a conservatory. The area of the estate is 1.4 hectares, it includes a big garden too. What a nice piece of architecture!

If you happen to be the next owner of this beautiful estate and has a vision and a restoration plan do not hesitate to share it we me and my community!
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