Chateau des Grotteaux, Practical Info

Chateau des Grotteaux is a 17th century castle in France. It has been called the "smallest of the greatest" Loire Valley castles for more than a hundred years. The chateau featuring unique murals by Jean Mosnier is also a luxurious hotel offering exclusive services and boasts a precious park, which was started thanks to the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte who brought exotic plants and trees from his campaigns to the former owner of the chateau.

The 2 year-long restoration of the castle was almost complete when a flood occurred which resulted in 1.5mn euros in damages for the owners. Read the interview with them to learn how it feels to see the results of your hard work disappear within a couple hours.


Chateau des Grotteaux

4 rue des Grotteaux

41350 Huisseau-sur-Cosson

tel. 0033 (0)2 54 52 01 43


Rooms starting from 250€ per night - please check the actual rates and rules on the chateau's website.


  • weddings and events;
  • restaurant;
  • wine tasting;
  • swimming pool;
  • tennis court;
  • a boat trip on the Cosson river;
  • forest meditation;
  • cycling.
  • trips to nearby places of interest like Blois, Cheverny, Chenonceau, Chaumont, Amboise and the Clos Lucé, Chateau Gaillard, Chateau of Chambord,  Chateau de Villesavin, Zoo de Beauval, 

How to get there?

It will take you about 2 hours to get to the chateau from Paris and some 3 hours from Nantes.