Chateau GrandCastle in Liptovsky Hradok, Practical Information

Chateau GrandCastle in Liptovsky Hradok is a medieval castle in Slovakia. It is small and was exclusively built for a woman - Magdalena Zai - unlike many other Slovak castles. It was raised from ruins in 2007 when it opened its doors to its first visitor. The castle is a privately owned and -run hotel and is also used as a venue for medieval festivals, reenactment events and conferences.

Read this exciting interview with the owner Dagmar Machova about how she decided to buy this castle, its history and the restoration process.


Castle and Manorhouse
Ulica Magdaleny Zai 1
033 01 Liptovský Hrádok
tel: 00421 44 520 77 11
mob: 00421 915 812 900


Rooms starting from 89 euros per night - please check the actual prices and terms on the hotel's website.


  • weddings and events
  • wellness and spa;
  • restaurant;
  • conferences.

How to get there?

It will take you some 3 hours to get to the castle from Bratislava or Cracov. Getting there from Budapest will take you some 4 hours.