Castillo de Buen Amor, Practical Info

Castillo de Buen Amor is a medieval castles in Spain's Salamanca. It was built in the 11th century during the Reconquista, when Christians were busy driving the Moors away from these lands. The medieval castle is totally eco-friendly and has gone green - it has abandoned the use of fossil fuels and employs geothermal and solar energy systems, which provide heating and air conditioning to the castle.

You can learn much more about the castle if you read this interview with its owner Pilar Fernandez de Trocóniz Tapia.


Castillo de Buen Amor

National Road N-630

km 317,6

Finca Villanueva de Cañedo

37799 Topas (Salamanca)

Reception: 0034 923 355 002


Rooms starting from 120€ per night - please check the actual rates on the castle's website


  • weddings and events;
  • restaurant;
  • wine tasting;
  • family parties
  • trips around the castle
  • garden visits

How to get there?

Two hours by car from Madrid and three hours and a half from Porto.

From Salamanca (half an hour): take the A66 towards Zamora until exit 322. Once on the N630, the detour to the castle is signposted on the National Highway itself, at kilometer point 317. Remember that the castle is not in the town of Topas, but in the middle of the field!

From Valladolid (an hour and a half): the easiest is to come by the highway, so follow the A62 to Salamanca, then take the A66 towards Zamora and follow the instructions above.