Chateau d'Armentieres, Practical Info

Chateau d'Armentieres is a ruined medieval castle in France's northern Hauts-de-France region. The ruins were bought by the Kerekes family in 2004 who are now in charge of the never-ending restoration and preservation process. The castle which survived the French revolution unharmed was severely damaged during the Great War and decades of neglect afterwards.

In this interview the castle owners tell a story of strength and stamina as they do their best to rescue the ruined castle from falling apart. They are inspired by what they do for the sake of history, cultural heritage and architecture.


Chateau d'Armentieres

4 Rue du Château, 02210 Armentières-sur-Ourcq, France


The owners live in the castle in summer and when it's warm.
Please check if a visit is possible via e-mail above.

How to get there?

It will take you some 2 hours to get to the chateau from Paris and about an hour from Reims.

Where to eat?

There is a number of restaurants close to the chateau - you can select the one which suits you the best here.

Where to stay?

And do not forget to check available accommodation if you wish to explore the region and spend a couple of days enjoying the area.