Chateau de Veves, Practical Information

Chateau de Veves was built in the village of Celles, Namur Province, Belgium in the 13th century when the lands were given to the Beaufort family. In the 15th century the medieval structure was remade into a pentagonal fortress with 6 towers.


Rue de Furfooz, 3–5561 Celles
+32 82 66 63 95

Chateau de Veves is normally open for visits - check the availability in the times of COVID on the castle's website. It takes some 45 minutes to visit the chateau without a guide. Guided tours are available in English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Read the interview with the owner of the chateau Count Hadelin de Liedekerke Beaufort who told me how the legend of the Oak Tree Virgin Mary is linked to him personally!


from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Entrance fee

  • Kids - 5 euros;
  • Adults - 8 euros;

During the visits all kids are dressed as knights and princesses and it is included in the entrance fee.

How to get there?

Click here to check the route from Brussels to Chateau de Veves.

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