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Me getting ready to enter Chateau de Tarascon in France
Hello everybody! Nice to meet you!

I am Artiom Ganin, the owner of this project.

It is devoted to passionate people whose dreams about owing a castle have come true. I like what I do and having journalist background I do my best to help people tell their stories about their beautiful castles.

I am happy to share these stories: about obstacles in the way, about owners' disappointments and victories and of course about the passion which guided them through the hardships and brought them to where they are now. These stories are long and detailed but very exciting - passionate people are great story tellers. I hope you will feel their passion and enjoy what the castle owners shared with me.

Writing about European castles has made me a sort of an expert in the filed and I am ready to help you if you are looking for a castle as a wedding venue, a shooting set or a as a place to spend a night or two - I will be happy to share with you my unique knowledge and expertise.
Who are castle owners? They are very different people - some of them are business-minded individuals who have clear-cut business goals, others are history lovers who rescue what can still be rescued for the sake of history and preserving the heritage, others are just romantic dreamers who have always wanted to live in a castle and of course there are descendants of noble families who have owned their family seats for centuries.

The Castlesandfamilies Project is part of the growing @Castles_and_Palaces Instagram community (almost 80000 followers), which brings to its audience the greatest castles of the world.

Thank you for your attention and I hope you will find this project interesting and comprehensive.